Frequently Asked Questions

1. After successful online payment, do I have guarantee that I will be able to pick up the tickets, from the tickets office, before the start of the event?

After online purchase, on your e-mail address you will receive voucher that you need to print it. By submitting the voucher, you will be able to pick up your tickets.

2. Whether the ticket will be delivered to my home address or I will need to pick up the ticket at the entrance?

Currently we do not deliver the tickets. For some kind of events, it is necessary to print out the vouchers that you have received on your mail and use it as a ticket in order to enter on the event. For other kind of events, bysubmitting the same printed voucher you will be able to pick up your tickets from the ticket office near the venue. Which of the two options is applicable for the event you have already bought, you can find information on the e-mail you have received after the successful payment.

3. Is it necessary to create account on your website, for buying tickets?

You do not need to have account on our web site in order to buy tickets. The only thing you need to do is to select the event, to choose the desired seats and to select the “buy” button.

4. When I bought online tickets, I received message “Your transaction is successful” but I did not receive the vouchers on my e-mail. What to do?

First, check if the e-mail has arrived in Spam or Junk. If the mail has not arrived there, please contact us at In the mail, you need to provide the event name that you have already bought tickets, how many tickets you have purchased, on whose behalf and the e-mail that you have entered when filling the boxes for necessary information. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

5. Is it necessary to replace the voucher with real ticket and when can I replace it?

  The necessity to replace the voucher with real tickets depends from the event or the organization of the event. If is necessary to replace the voucher with real ticket, that notification is written on the upper left corner of the voucher. We will notify you of further updates via e-mail.

6. Can someone else pick up the tickets that have my name on them and how?

  If you bought online tickets but you are not able to attend on the event, it is necessary for the person who will pick up or use the tickets to have your identification card or a copy of your identification card.

7. How and when can I replace the voucher with real ticket?

  If it is necessary to replace the voucher with real ticket, it usually happens on the day on the event at the ticket office. If there are some changes, we will notify you of further updates via e-mail.

8. Can I reserve tickets?

  It is not possible to reserve tickets without payment.

9. How long the ticket can stay reserved in my shopping cart without buying it? What should I do if estimated time passes?

  The tickets can stay 15 minutes in your shopping cart. If this period expires, you need to empty the shopping cart and to start the process once again.

10. I am trying to buy tickets but after fulfilling the fields, it does not allow me to continue on the next step. What are the reasons for that and how can I solve this problem?

  This usually happens because some of the information has not be written in the mandatory fields. It also may happen if the buttons in the “confirm” section are not checked. This refers to the fields: “I read and agree to the Privacy Policy” And “I checked the information on this page and confirm their accuracy.” Keep in mind that the system does not allow you to go further if you have entered wrong verification code. Please check these things and if you still have difficulties please contact us at

11. I bought tickets but I will not be able to attend the event. Is it possible to refund me the money?

  It is not possible to refund you the money if you do not show up on the event.

12. Is it safe to purchase online through your website with a debit/credit card? Is the information from my card safe and how to be sure it will not be abused?

  Yes, online buying trough is safe. Your credit card`s number has been transferred via SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. Your credit/debit card is not stored on our server at any time. Transactions are proceed through processing system named Casys and does not have accesses to your card information at any time.

13. Am I charged as soon as I buy the voucher?

  You are charged as soon as the transaction is finished and successfully executed.

14. If, for some reason, I cannot attend the event, can I return the voucher?

  Returning the already purchased voucher is not possible.

15. How do I know that I successfully bought tickets?

After successfully executing the transaction, the system will notify you that your transaction has been successful. Then on your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail with details for your tickets and attached voucher in the form of a PDF document.

16. I have entered the requested information, but nothing happened. Will I am going to be charged?
After entering the information from the card, the system will notify you if your transaction is successful. If the transaction was not successful, you are not going to be charged.

17. What type of credit or debit cards can I use with accepts the major debit and credit cards: Visa, Master, Maestro and Diners credit cards.

18. What credit/debit card information I need to enter/give?

  It is necessary to enter the following information: card number, cardholder name / name on card, expiry date and CVV2/CVC2 code.

19. I tried to buy a ticket, but I am getting a Payments authorization failure message?

  Dear, please check if your credit card number, expiry date or verification code are written correctly. The verification code (or CVV2/CVC2 code) is a physical signature for the actual credit card you are holding and it will change when you receive a new card (with a new expiration date, etc.). Please make sure you enter the correct CVV2/CVC2 code of your new card.

20. Who can see my personal data left on the site?

  Your personal data are available only for the team of the professionals that work on the site. All employees in are obligated to respect the confidentiality of your data. Your information are used for the needs/purposes of, they are carefully guarded against loss, destruction, forgery and unauthorized access.