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October 20 @ 8:00 pm
600 ден


,Mette Rasmussen is a Danish saxophonist based in Trondheim, Norway. She is a vital exponent of a new wave of extreme instrumental improvisers. Based on the energy of free jazz, her razor sharp, volatile and deeply textured music has been described as a “head full of ideas” – a ton of flawlessly executed musical whims. Rasmussen continuously explores the sonic potential of the sax, uses an array of different techniques and contributes to the expansion of the instrument’s ABC. In solo affairs as well as in collaborations, she has encapsulated her own personal vision of the role of the saxophone, often turning it into a complete physical experience. Her performances ties together audience and artist, and embodies the energy between the two. Much in demand, she has played alongside musicians such as Alan Silva, Craig Taborn, Chris Corsano, Mats Gustafsson, Paul Lovens, Axel Dörner, MoE, John Edwards, Barry Guy and ZeenaParkins. The American music magazine Downbeat called her a “young Scandinavian saxophone sensation”.

Trondheim Voices

Trondheim Voices is a groundbreaking Norwegian ensemble of improvising vocalists, constantly challenging and changing the framework for how a vocal ensemble can produce sound art. Since 2001, they have made solid statements as developers within vocal and improvised music, expanding the traditional concert format, searching for new music in the interaction between the singers, the audience, the surroundings and new technology. Each singer’s individuality, and her timbre combined with the other voices, are in focus, resulting in a unique quality to the groups collective tone. Through their many collaborations with cutting edge composers and stage artists, and especially through their collaboration with sound designer Asle Karstad and visual artist Ann-Cathrin Hertling, Trondheim Voices has reached a whole new level of improvising, with both music, movement, new technology, space, and time. The subtle interaction between the singers, the sound-designer, the audience, and the moment, is their point of navigation – making new music through listening and letting go. Helge Sten and Ståle Storløkken’s work Folklore explores the distance between acoustic and electronic sound, harmonic and microtonal music, the known and unknown.

Susana Santos Silva / Ab Baars / Hamid Drake

Susana Santos Silva is a trumpeter, improviser and composer from Porto, Portugal. In the last years she has been considered by the international press as one of the strongest emerging voices in contemporary jazz and improvised music. With a singular approach/voice that comes out of a comprehensive spectrum of influences, from classical and contemporary music to jazz and textural sound art, she is interested in stretching the boundaries of the instrument and in exploring new ways of expression within music. Equally at home with structured ensemble playing or free improvisation and extended technique, Silva regularly performs in a variety of settings, from orchestral to solo. She has been traveling, performing and recording with many amazing musicians in Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia, Italy, Greece, Egipt, Morocco, Ireland, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. On the occasion of 37th edition of Skopje Jazz Festival, Susana will perform in trio formation, along with fantastic Dutch saxophone/clarinet player and composer Ab Baars and with one of jazz’s best percussionist, Chicago based drumming legend Hamid Drake.

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